Clip On Bed Lamp – Beautiful Style For Our Bedrooms

A Clip On Bed Lamp become to smart and beautiful tyle for yours home bedrooms.

A clip on lamp, constructed in scintillating satin steel or chrome, presents a universal light source, useful for a wide variety of applications (book reading night light, craft work, hobbies, etc.), while also providing a stylish-touch to a rooms décor.

Lighting for All-Surfaces

Clip On Bed Lamp
Clip On Bed Lamp

A gooseneck or swing arm lamp offers a choice of configurations to bend or adjust the angle of a light source to be directed anywhere required – while its padded, soft-grip base is conveniently positioned to clip onto surfaces up to 3.5-inches in thickness – ideal to easily adjust to fit most headboard sizes.

A clip on LED lamp, with its ultra-bright light, offers a bright, clear spotlight for comfortable reading in low-light conditions – these LED lights are easy-to-use, energy-efficient (25,000 to 50, 000-hour lamp life), and clamps to a book, cupboard or shelf.

Features to Focus On

Clip On Bed Lamp
Clip On Bed Lamp

Some of the useful features to a clip on bed light consist of a dimmer switch, On – Off switch on power cord, a heavy-duty, wide mount grip, and an 18 – 32-inch gooseneck to deliver complete adjustability in an infinite number of positions.

Besides the larger sized clip-on lamp to attach to a headboard or side-table, a compact clip on book light offers a simple lighting application – these clip directly on a novel for personalized reading, and that avoids disturbing those around you.

A versatile clip on lamp, with its multi-positioning gooseneck or swing-arm and dependable clamp, offers complete flexibility in it placement, with a choice to clamp to most surfaces or shelves in a horizontal or vertical position.

Clips on bed lamp make your room very beautiful and fun for rest. We sure you are very interested with it.

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