LED Desk Lamp: High-end LED Technology for the Home or Office

Ease of directing light (adjustable gooseneck or pivot joints), true-to-life color, reduced glare, heightened clarity and definition, are featured on today’s LED desk lamp to create a nice, super bright, and natural daylight light.

If wishing to swap out the functional halogen or incandescent lights with an energy-efficient, ultra-bright, and ability to emit very little heat, the super-bright LED lamps might just be the illumination of choice. An energy-saving solution to provide a warm, even and focused light source – LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) consume up to 80% less energy than their incandescent bulb (100-watt) counterparts, and shines approx. 25 – 40 times longer.

Also, a standard built-in LED light bulb is rated to last 10,000 to 100,000-hours, so in all likelihood eliminates a need to replace these LED bulbs.

LED Desk Lamp
LED Desk Lamp


LEDs: 6 – 72 Pieces
Brightness: 205 – 240 Lumens
Lifespan: 25,000 – 36,000 Hours
Color Temperature: 4500 – 6500 K
Bring a Clear, Bright Light to All-Spaces

LED task lights are designed to produce a light that is bright and white, rather than the soft-white seen with the fluorescent and incandescent lamps, and due to their nature of operating at a much cooler rate, these desk lamps are less inclined to damage or color fade printed materials, such as pictures, artwork or graphics.

Perfect desk light accessories, these well-balance, and simple to manipulate lamps are often fitted with a 3 or 4-step dimmer switch to provide the right level of light for a wide variety of applications, such as reading, sewing, craft making, or computer-based work. Stand at 17.5 – 28-inch in height, a clip-on lamp offers a practical choice for those wishing to bring a clear, bright spotlight for illuminating spaces next for shelves, cupboards, or beds.

Manufacturers of the Energy-efficient LED-based Lights

LED Desk Lamp
LED Desk Lamp

Many manufacture a great selection of innovative, modern looking and affordable LED-based lamps, either tabletop or clip-on designed, to give style and balance to your interior design. Made from solid, reliable materials, the LED lamp is a must have for a retro to modern-inspired office or home. .

Safe to use, a solid-state LED desk light is designed to stay cool-to-the-touch (emitting a fraction of the heat compared to a standard incandescent bulb), and contains no filament or glass to break. So, if you are searching a eco-friendly solution to lighting up a home or office environment, with high-functionality, performance, aesthetic appeal, and the ability to position in virtually any location, look no further than the LED or light emitting diode table or clip on desk lamp.

On a workstation as a reading lamp or on the nightstand, the LED desk light is designed to be highly directional – Easily moving its line of sight, via its bendable or flexible neck, these lights are built to shine a focused pool of light to light-up a desk area or reading area. Also beneficial is wishing to read a book or screen in bed without lighting up the entire room, so perfect to avoid disturbing those nearby.

Elsewhere LED products also consist of the LED Night Light (simple night light with sensor – actives at dusk and off at dawn) – LED Flood Light (projects an ultra-bright even pool of light) – LED Camping Light (Ultra-portable light for the outdoors) – LED Flashlight (on-the-go spotlight for the pocket or purse).

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