Clip On Piano Lamp: All Styles Of Piano Clip-on Lights

All The Best Styles Of Piano Clip-on Lights with Clip On Piano Lamp

A clip on piano lamp is designed to give a bright light source for reading music sheets for the performing musician in situations where direct-light is less than desirable.

An attractive-styled piano lamp, with its black, bronze, mahogany bronze, or similar finish, adjustable gooseneck stem, and solid clip holder (felt lined for protection), attaches itself to most flat surfaces up to 1.5-inch in thickness – ideal to clip to most piano music holders.

Clip On Piano Lamp
Clip On Piano Lamp

Its slimline shade is effective at eliminating most of the reflective glare that comes with most other light sources.

Elegant-Styled Clip On Piano Lights

Versatile, and well-built, a clip on piano light is built to either clip to a freestanding music sheet stand or for the lightweight edition, it will clip on to the sheet rack or holder.

Clip On Piano Lamp
Clip On Piano Lamp

Elegantly styled piano lights, constructed in a solid brass with a glossy finish, give a perfect choice to complement a grand piano, and comes with a felted, no-scratch clip for ease in mounting, and a finishes with a 12 – 14-inch adjustable shade.

Multi-Functional Clip On Lamps

An eco-friendly option, the LED piano light, runs on 9 to 12-LEDs for minimal power-consumption and operates on 3 x AAA batteries, to provide a light source that is closer to daylight than possible with a typical 40-watt incandescent light bulb.

Clip On Piano Lamp
Clip On Piano Lamp

A multi-functional clip on lamp is also a perfect light source for a wide variety of situations – such as a light for music stands, lecterns, DJ booths, bedtime reading, workshops, or hobby desks.

Other Piano Accessories

And beyond the musicians piano lamp, other piano accessories consist of the Piano Stools (adjustable and non-adjustable), Grand or Upright Piano Covers (quilted to dust covers), and Castor Cups (beech, brass, rubber, etc).

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