Clip On Reading Lamp – The Best for All Situations

Hands-free or clip on reading lamps come in a multitude of designs, styles, and configurations to fit most situations.

A light of this nature is perfect for an assortment of two-handed jobs, such as those related to DIY projects, making a visit to a dark loft or basement, to a convenient light source in a power outage or to a common sight with those that attach to a side of a study desk.

Popular Choices

Clip On Reading Lamp
Clip On Reading Lamp

A compact sized, clip-on lamp that attaches to a pocket of a shirt, belt, jacket or even the bill of a cap to offer a flexible lighting solution for a vast array of applications – with a light clipped on to a cap – a light source will be directed to whichever direction you’re looking at, so offering complete 360° coverage. These lights retail in the region of $15.99.

A mini Book Lite is a cost-effective solution for those requiring extra light for nighttime reading – these simply clip right on top of a magazine or book for instant, bright lighting. A light of this nature is also able to function as a desktop light, or clips to a jacket pocket or belt to light a path in the dark – a cost-effective option, and retails at $5.99.

Hands-free Night Lights

Clip On Reading Lamp
Clip On Reading Lamp

If a clip-on light isn’t a practical solution – than the Bean N Read® hand-free light might be an ideal choice – these come with a adjustable neck strap to offer a versatile and practical solution for directing light – with an ability to light up newspapers, maps, hardcover books to be used for crafts, needlework, or quilting.

This light also comes complete with Fresnel magnifier (4x magnifier) and filter to soften its light beam if required. A light of this nature retails for $24.95.

All-Use Clip-On Reading Lights

Flexible clip-on or hands-free reading lights are perfect to direct light for reading, working at a computer to outdoor activities, such as camping or even to help in times of emergencies.

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