Salt Lamp: Beneficial Properties of the Rock Salt Lamps

A natural salt lamp, at 6.5 to 11-inches tall, is mined deep within the earth, made from the salt crystal rock, and formed 100’s of millions of years ago. A lot of the salt lamps are crafted from the crystal rocks mined in the Himalayans.

Crafted by hand to retain the natural, unique shape of the rocks, the Himalayan salt lamps are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as for relaxation and meditation practices. Able to preserve the natural air-quality, the lamps are also able to relief the symptoms of allergies, sinus problems hay fever and asthma attacks.

Highlights to the Natural Salt Lamps

Salt Lamp
Salt Lamp

• Made of Salt Crystal Rocks from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains
• Act as an Air Purifier; Emits negative ions in the air to relieve stress or increase energy
• Each Salt Lamp is Unique and Hand-crafted; In Soothing Colors
• Sits on a Solid, Wooden Plinth
• Uses a 15-watt bulb

Overall Calming Effects of the Salt Lamps

Salt Lamp
Salt Lamp

Salt crystal lamps, with its natural hydroscopic properties, are highly beneficial at helping to ionize the areas the lamp is left, and works great in therapy rooms, near computers or televisions, or around smokers.

Ions produced from the latest technology advancement are often blamed for causing all-types of allergies or illnesses, such as insomnia, stress, tiredness, memory loss, accelerated aging, and a lower immune defense system.

Known to increase alertness, the Himalayan salt lamp is also believed to increase brainwave amplitude and promote alpha brainwaves to reach a greater awareness level for an overall calming effect.

Improve the Ambiance of a Home or Office

Salt Lamp
Salt Lamp

Affecting people in different ways, the natural salt lamps offer a simple solution to install a natural fresh-quality to the air breathed and improves on the ambiance of home or office space.

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