Modern Simple Living Room design Ideas

“Living room may be the heart of the home.” That term signifies that this space includes a vital position in the home. So, this room should be reached easily. Easy access because it is located in the middle of the house. If you want such a concept of the living room, the zoning should be designed first. The house design, including the position of doors, windows, and walls, closely related to the zoning, so that the space access can be reached easily.

In a simple way, for a house that is not so big, this room is positioned right in the middle of the other rooms. We can imagine, the parents can directly watch the activities of their children. The occupants can also be easily out or down (from upstairs) of the private room into the living room. It would be better if the position adjacent to the pantry or kitchen, so that the activity of eating and drinking can be done easily too.

The habitual of family activity greatly affects the zoning design. The relaxing Zone in the living room designed with a formation area. In general, it’s kind of a semi private design area, where family members gather up, talking, playing, and watching television. The lighting, furniture, and the color selection are very influential to the ambience that will be created.

The flowing circulation of the living room can be designed by adjusting from where the space will be accessed. Starting from the entrance, the foyer, then into the living room. Besides being close to the kitchen, the living room should also be adjacent to the bedrooms, garden, and stairs to the upper floor.
The sitting area that’s equipped with a sofa or carpet is the compulsory furniture in the living room. Additionally, you can add a table and a television cabinet. As necessary, the living room should also be flexible enough to be used for a variety of activities.

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