Modern Home Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room is identical as the family gathering place in the house. However, the living room for the modern society is not all about just a main hangout place in the house, it can also be a playground for the kids and even a reading area.

Since the modern living room is a multi – function room, therefore it has to be designed as comfortable as possible in order to simply facilitate all those activities as mentioned above. The furniture selection is one of the most contributed ways to enhance the atmosphere of the modern living room design. Consider using a set of sofa that can accommodate many persons.

t needs to be applied a proper living room interior arrangement in order the function of the living room can be achieved optimally. For example, the sofa set is placed right in the middle of the living room facing the television. The white color becomes one of the colors that is commonly used in the modern interior design. This color can make the atmosphere of a room fresh and gives the impression of more spacious in a room.

In addition to the play of color, another the smart idea to make a living room look more spacious is to get rid of visual boundaries connecting it to the other rooms. The walls are the most common barrier to limit the space. The window can be a room divider, if it’s functioned as well as the circulation area.
For the flooring selection, parquet flooring is an option that is wise enough to be the flooring in your living room. Besides to beautify the room, parquet also has an excellent endurance.
The use of wood flooring is so popular today. In addition to beautify the room, parquet is also can enhance the health quality of the home occupants. Because you don’t need to use sandals if you walk on the parquet floor.

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