Rustic Coffee Table For Living Room – What Is A Shaker-Style Rustic Coffee Table?

Rustic Coffee Table For Living Room – If you decorate in a country decor, a Shaker-style rustic coffee table may look nice in your home. Shaker furniture’s beauty originates from its simplicity and it is timeless style. If you’re searching for any simple, well-built focus for the living room, consider this kind of table..

This style of furniture was made popular by the Shakers, a religious group who valued simplicity, quality, and hard work in their lives and in the things they made. Shaker furniture reflects these attributes perfectly not only in their outward appearance, but in their durability as well. A true piece of furniture made in this style feels like the product of hard work, with lots of attention put into it during creation. It also has the feel of being constructed by a crafts person, not a nameless assembly line or factory.

Shaker furniture is known for being well put together, simple, and functional. Traits from the style include sturdy construction, clean lines, along with a typically classic appearance. A Shaker style table has the appear and feel of the piece that’s sturdy enough to become appreciated by and continue for generations. Pieces are very well became a member of, and surfaces are smooth and delightful. Its quality construction causes it to be made to last.

Most Shaker furniture can be very expensive. If you want a coffee table in this style that will last you for many years, your best choice would be to find a genuine piece. But if you cannot afford the price tag on a real piece, or if you want to just try out the table or have something you can change up in a few years, there are options for you, too.

Shaker style furniture first rose to popularity in around the mid-1800s. Shortly afterwards, other furniture makers constructed similar pieces to the style. This includes chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, and cupboards. Now, if you like the look of this style of furniture but cannot afford the price of a true Shaker style rustic coffee table, there are other buying options that look very similar, but are lower in price than the genuine furniture pieces.

If you’ve been looking for a great table for the country family room, a Shaker-style rustic table could be the kind of furniture you have been looking for.

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Uncover A Distinctive Wooden Table Sure To Become A Conversation Starter

If you want a unique coffee table, forget about the contemporary styles you find everywhere and look instead at the rustic coffee table styles available. They’re a great choice for the people who have a taste for something different, or for someone whose decorating style isn’t very traditional.

But first let me clarify what rustic style is. This style is warm, with a very earthy feel to it. Some pieces in this style look weathered. Other furniture pieces have clean lines. Yet others incorporate the natural beauty of old gnarled tree branches into it

While the term “rustic” may at first make you think of a log cabin or other mountain lodge, with furniture made from tree limbs and with pictures of bears or deer carved into the wood, this is only a subset of the overall style. Below are 3 examples of rustic style, which will hopefully give you ideas for a good coffee table for your home.

Primitive Style

A great choice for country homes that want to add some rustic elements to the decor, a primitive style wooden coffee table is also a good choice for the table that is bound to be scratched and dinged up quickly. Because the weathered look is typical of rustic style, wear and tear that shows on the piece only adds to the primitive appeal of it. Its charming appearance comes from its homespun look — it looks like a weathered hand crafted heirloom handed down through generations.

Cabin Style

This masculine style works well with log cabins and gives that feeling of being close to nature. If a table fits this style, you can usually imagine it in a room full of accessories that contain pictures of deer or bears, or you could picture it in a mountain getaway. A lot of cabin style furniture looks like it was hewn or carved from a nearby tree before it was brought into the house.

Industrial Style

With this style, you’re likely to find repurposed metal construction elements, such as pipes, beams, or rods, incorporated into the design. To keep the piece from looking too new and to preserve the rustic allure, weathering is crucial in this style. A table in this style adds an edgy touch that makes an urban loft or contemporary living room unique.

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