Exterior Metal Doors

Exterior Metal Doors – A Decorator’s Best Friend!

So far as doors go, certain styles have remained consistently popular for many generations, the primary one being wood. Wood, although stylistically versatile and easy to incorporate into almost any setting, has it’s flaws. From overall weakness to the overwhelming tendency to form unattractive scuffs, there are a wide variety of issues that simply come along with wood exterior doors. While some are willing to grin and bear these troubling flaws, many others have flocked to the stronger, more durable alternative – metal.

Metal exterior doors, although typically more expensive than their wood equivalents, are by no means not worth the extra cash. Metal, by definition, is more apt to take on the elements. Often proving to be tougher than wooden doors, metal doors are the intelligent choice for anyone looking to avoid unsightly scratches and scuffs. This added durability, however, does not mean that metal doors lack the stylish flair often associated with wood; in fact, it is quite the opposite. Available in painted, unpainted, and even elaborately moulded varieties, there is a metal exterior door to make anyone’s house shine.

exterior metal doors
exterior metal doors

One of the most attractive aspects of wooden doors is the vastness of the market surrounding them. In previous years, this simple factor would have been magnified many times. Now, however, as fickle decorators have continued their perilous search for the perfect door, the wood and metal door markets seem to have largely equalized. As a result, unique varieties such as french doors are no longer the exclusive territory of wood. Exterior metal doors, aside from being offered in classic open-and-close styles, can also be found in sliding form.

Aesthetically pleasing french doors, often embezzled with ornate glass and trim, can easily be bought in metal form from most any exterior design retailer. This sudden surge of variety, although outwardly overwhelming, has come as a welcome surprise to many a previously disgruntled home owner. To those seeking an exterior metal door which properly fits their design guidelines, even the simple inclusion of alternative styles can mean less compromise, and more satisfaction.

exterior metal doors
exterior metal doors

If you’re convinced that metal is the way to go, there are many different ways to go about finding the ideal door to fit your home. First off, consider what color you will require to make your home look it’s best. While standard metal doors are often chrome coated or unpainted, many others are indistinguishable from their wood brethren. In fact, metal paint tends to last longer on a metal surface than standard paint does on a wooden surface, making constant re-touching a thing of the past.

Secondly, take a moment to conclude how high-traffic the area that you will be installing the door in is. If you have a fair amount of people going in and out on a constant basis, you might consider a door of the sliding variety, for example. Lastly, pick your price point. Depending on your budget, you could spent anywhere from a hundred to a couple thousand dollars on the right door, so be sure to calculate your overall limit before searching. If you aren’t so inclined to install it yourself, also factor in installation fees. Now that you’re ready to start searching, don’t hesitate! The perfect door is out there, all you have to do is find it.

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