Luxurious Living Room Design Remodeling Ideas

Luxurious Living Room Design Remodeling Ideas – Luxurious living room design is an inspiration for homeowners that intend to remodel their living room in a luxurious concept. Integrating the luxury doesn’t always be associated with spending much money. It only takes the combination of creativity, planning, and quality.

There are a few tips for you to remodel your old living room into such a luxurious living room idea :

The coloring

The coloring is always crucial for all kinds of rooms to present the desirable atmosphere. It goes the same way if you plan on creating a luxurious feel in your living room. The neutral tones are the first choice that comes up when it comes in a luxurious yet clean interior. Because, by applying neutral tones, it will simply create a relaxing and peaceful ambience. As an accent, you can add a small scale of bold or bright color into the living room accessories.
The lighting

Even though that you have the most expensive furniture in your luxurious living room design, without a proper lighting system, it all will gently fade out. As the main lighting, you can use a crystal chandelier placed right in the middle of the room. As the decorative lighting, apply a spot light highlighting the focal point and a standing lamp in the corner of the room.


When it comes to the luxurious living room, the textures are one of the must-have element. The textures can come in the upholsteries, draperies, and rugs. The sofa or chairs can be upholstered with leather accompanied by soft nubby chenille-upholstered pillows. For the draperies, you can apply silk as the main curtain with the sheer curtain.


The luxurious living room design can’t be separated by the presence of the interior accessories. It’s mandatory to integrate adequate accessories, not more, not less. Because it’s not recommended to have too many accessories which finally will make your living room seem cramped.

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