Luxury Living Room Curtain Ideas

The right selection of living room curtains can present a luxurious and elegant feel to any room that applies it, especially the living room, the central part of a house. There are many ways to help you choose the right curtains for your living room, either you buy them from the store of you can even make your own curtains. But, the most important thing that the curtains design matches with the entire living room design.

The basic principle of choosing right living room curtains that you have to keep in mind is the function. Because, curtains can serve many purposes beside the window complement, it can also serve as a room partition.

Here are some models of the living room curtains :

Triple Pleat Curtain

This curtain design is also called the French pleat curtains. This curtain has three pleats at the top. The pleat is clamped at the bottom, so that the top has a shape alike the blooming flower. This curtain has a more formal and elegant model than the double pleat curtain, and therefore this curtain is often used in formal rooms.

Sheer curtain

This type of curtains is built to allow the sunlight to enter the room without having to open the curtains, but the privacy is still well kept. This curtain has a very thin and transparent design. The material is made of fabric that is light and semi-transparent. Sheer curtain is often combined with other curtain models, so that there’s a two-layer cover on one window.

Tab Top Curtain

Tab top curtain is identified by the shape that hanging tab set at the top of the curtain. The tab is used to enter the curtain pole which then it’s hung near the window. Since the curtain pole is exposed, therefore this type is often combined with beautiful and attractive curtain poles to enhance the beauty of the curtain. This type of curtains gives a casual impression, so it’s widely used in the living room.

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