Living Room Curtain Design Ideas

Arranging the home is the best thing in creating a family life. There are many ways to make the house look beautiful, for example by integrating a pretty curtains in the living room of your house. By having a beautiful set curtain, so guests will feel at ease being in your living room.

Curtains are often installed on a window, door, or perhaps a outcomes of rooms. One of its functions is as a blocker, so that activity inside the house is not seen from the outside. Another function is to prevent the sunlight from coming into the house. Because the scorching sun can disturb the comfort of the home occupants and it can also damage the furniture.

Curtain have an important role in the aesthetic value of the house interior design. Because the presence of a curtain in the living room, it will simply enhance the entire appearance of it.

To get a certain mood of the living room, you can choose the type, pattern and color of the curtains that match with the living room design. However, to anticipate the confusion in choosing a proper curtain design, here are some basic tips for your considerations.

In this stage, you should be more sensitive to the concept of your living room ( either classic , traditional, minimalist, futuristic, etc.). If in the the beginning of the planning design, the concept has been identified, then this will greatly simplify the selection of the type of the curtain.

1. Minimalist living room concept

For the minimalist living room concept. The curtain design is generally made of plain fabric (no pattern). Or, the type and color of the curtain motifs that have a simple design or has natural color.

2. Classic living room concept

For a classic living room concept, you can choose curtains with lace flower motif or the other motifs, according to the nuance of the entire living room. Avoid using curtains made of heavy fabric, replace it with a material that is softer and lighter, like satin.

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