Some Excellent Choices for Folding French Doors

Savvy homeowners are well aware of the elegance and warmth that folding French doors can bring into a space. With all of the different variations that are available, it may seem overwhelming at times to try and select the best styles of folding French doors for your particular room. One thing for sure is that once you have installed them, you will quickly see how they can change the look of a space, transforming it from mundane or uneventful to lively and bright. Folding French doors are often used to create a dramatic entryway into gardens, verandas, balconies, terraces, and more.

The best styles of folding French doors are typically suited to a combination of indoor and outdoor use, offering premium flexibility for whatever design goals you may have for a given space. One of the most popular styles to emerge in recent years has been the bi-fold sliding French doors that operate on a guide system. These types of doors serve as an ideal entryway for dining or entertaining areas for homes, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Bi-fold sliding French door systems typically feature between two to eight doors, which neatly fold over in concertina fashion to open up a room to the fresh outdoor air.

Other great applications of folding French doors include entryways into family room areas. Folding doors that feature multiple panes of glass can add a touch of sophistication and create a visual bridge from one room to the other, unifying the overall space. Using these types of doors for entry into supplemental rooms such as a study, a library or a home office can provide an inviting aesthetic to the area, instead of creating a “sealed off” look and feel. Bi-folding French doors that sit in runners make opening and closing the doors easy, a major plus if you have children. When examining all of the different options that are available, ultimately the best styles of folding French doors will be the ones that speak to your individual tastes, and that best fit your needs and budget constraints.

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